41 Things I Think During Spin Class

Source/styling by me
In the style of Buzzfeed lists.
  1. OMG, why did I get up so early?
  2. Is my teacher drinking coffee instead of water? 
  3. Ok, I can do this. It's just 45 minutes.
  4. I don't think I can do this for 45 minutes.
  5. Groan
  6. My legs already hurt. I'm going to have a panic attack.
  7. I mean, I can leave at any time, right?
  8. I'm not peddling fast enough, everyone is judging me.
  9. Are the people behind me looking at my butt?
  10. Ok, I got this, I'm so awesome.
  11. Jumps?!
  12. I can't turn my resistance up!
  13. I'll touch the knob if I want to.
  14. Holy shit, I've only been in here for 12 minutes. 
  15. Pitbull again? I can't do jumps to Pitbull.
  16. How is she peddling that fast?
  17. My legs are literally breaking.
  18. I'm so effing awesome for doing this, I'm a queen.
  19. I'm a loser, I can't turn my resistance up anymore. 
  20. I'll just put my hand on the knob and pretend to turn up the resistance.
  21. Oh god, she knows I faked it, she's making eye contact with me!
  22. Ok, go to my happy place...
  23. I never knew my arms could sweat so much
  24. Awesome, I've been here for 20 minutes, 25 left.
  25. I wonder how long they've all been spinning...
  26. Drinking water that fast makes me feel like puking.
  27. I'm going to puke.
  28. If I puke I have an excuse to leave early.
  29. If she screams fast legs one more time...
  30. I can hold it steady, look at me!
  31. I can do anything today, I'm spinning my ass off!
  32. God, I'm so awesome.
  33. I love my Y. 
  34. I hate everything, why isn't yoga this early?
  35. Four minutes to go up this hill? She's insane.
  36. I'm doing it!
  37. I'm killing it. 
  38. I'm the queen of the Y.
  39. Cool down? Already?
  40. Whew, I survived.
  41. I can do anything today!