Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

Over the weekend I watched Empire Records with Derp. It was her first time. I don't know if I was more excited about watching the movie or about her watching the movie.

I haven't sat down just to watch Empire Records in several years (and not as background noise or with commercial interruptions). Last year, I tried to get boyfriend to watch it, but he just fell asleep and ruined the experience. Derp was so excited to see it that it upped my excitement (Dear Boyfriend, you're missing out).

In high school, when things weren't going to well, I'd play the movie and fall into Rex Manning Day at the coolest record store to ever happen to this world. While watching this weekend, I experienced a nostalgic walk through 10-12th grade me. The clothes, the music (Can you feel it, Sugar High!), the hair, the one liners (What's with today, today?). I feel like that's what makes the movie so memorable for me and my friends. The party scene at the end is the kind of night I always wanted to have. People united in a cause and having a wonderful, magical experience. I chased that kind of night and rarely (if ever) got one. But pushing Empire Records into the VCR and taking 90 minutes to immerse myself in their world made me feel like I'd had the night of my life.

I also have a thing for 90's music and their angsty lyrics (a boy with a bun recently said to me, "The 90's are so hot right now"). Empire Records speaks to teenage me. A time for endless possibility and fun. Where anyone can follow the girl of his dreams to Boston to go to art school without any college experience; where no one gets fired or goes to jail; where a store owner will take a plastic barrel of money as payment for the store. And it always smells like summer.