Horror Movie Review: Jug Face

Going into watching Jug Face, I assumed my experience was going to be awesome or terrible. Watching random Netflix horror movies is always crapshoot, but I remembering hearing about this movie and knew that it had some kind of following.  While it didn't inspire awe, it was very far from terrible.

The movie is about a group of backwoods, religious, mountain people. As Roger Ebert eloquently put it, they are "backwater residents that make the  "Deliverance" hillbillies look like Hamptonites." The community worships and fears a mud pit, referred to as "The Pit." The Pit keeps the community safe from sickness, but it requires a human sacrifice from a community member. A Pit appointed potter goes into a trance and the pit directs him (patriarchal society) while he sculpts the face of a jug. Whosever face is on the jug is the next human sacrifice. Our story focuses on Ada, played brilliantly by Lauren Ashley Carter, a pregnant teen who tried to avoid being sacrificed. 

Jug Face is pretty low budget with pretty dumb CGI (it might not even be CGI, it looks like someone with a low level knowledge of After Effects drew some swirls over a "ghost"), but the story doesn't need all of that any way. Honestly, the movie can stand up without any special effects, they're completely unnecessary. 

I found Jug Face riveting. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything quite like it and the story was amazing. The humanity and emotion coming through the characters is raw and true. It kind of moved me. 

Also, Lauren Ashley Carter is beautiful. I'm kind of obsessed with her now. She's an excellent actress and her accent was spot on. Her is compelling to watch and I can't wait to see more from her in the future.