One of these things does not equal the other

Since I got engaged, it's been interesting to see how many of my friends struggle to be happy for me because they are so jealous. I know, I know that sounds terrible, but I they aren't jealous of me, it's the happily ever after that we've been sold since we came out of the womb. And by we, I mean women.

Watching my friends trying to be happy for me while also panicking that they are never, ever going to get married or find the one (I know this is happening because they've told me and I had a hard time being happy for my engaged friends when I was the one freaking out about never finding the one) is weird. Having been on their side of this not too long ago makes me laugh at my former self. It really is as if I viewed marriage and engagement as a prize, and I see my friends viewing it the same way. We all seem to think that once we get engaged or married, life can begin. I've had more than one friend tell me, lately, her ovaries are dying and she needs the meet Mr. Right immediately so she can start popping out babies before she is in her mid–30's. I internally laughed because I've literally cried to Derp about the exact same thing.

Why do we feel such pressure to pair up? Is it instinct? Is it society? I feel like it's both. However, it is so silly that, as women, we feel like our lives aren't going to take off until we are married do boys feel this awy too?). As Boyfriend and I are planning the wedding (let's be honest, it's me and my mom), I see our lives are coming together–not beginning. We are going to struggle with the same every day issues we struggle with now, except we will struggle with them together. We will still be who we are today the day after the wedding.