We are sooooo funny
Boyfriend asked me to marry him. I'm getting married. I can't believe it, it's insane. And, we got engagement pictures. I said I didn't want them. Each lame set of engagement pictures I've seen I've laughed at with a superior chuckle. Every time a cliche save the date comes in the mail with the couple gazing lovingly into each others' eyes clenched the knowledge that it'd never be me in those photos. Partly because I never thought I'd meet the right guy, but mostly because I knew I'd never, ever get engagement photos.

'Sigh.' We got engagement photos. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Existential crisis, ya'll
We hired the amazing Lauren Wright as our wedding photographer and she insists on them and includes them in the wedding photo package. I didn't want to do it, but–what the hell, you only get married once (I hope) right?

The photography is beautiful and while we look like silly weirdos in many of them, it's so cool to see us together. Boyfriend and I don't have many pictures together, mainly because we don't live in the same city (and iPhones). I love having these! And Lauren is such a talented photographer, just look at that light! We took the pictures in Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, so that's a little quirky.

So, yeah. We got engagement pictures. In a cemetery. And, don't worry. None of these pictures will be on the Save the Dates. I just couldn't.

Now I just have to convince everyone that A.M. 180 by Grandaddy is a good first song choice.