Bright Lights and French Fries

There was a New York City fry exhibit last weekend. Honestly, I skimmed the first paragraph, looked at the pictures and put the address into my phone. I saw that you couldn’t eat the fries that were being exhibited, but I didn’t really think you wouldn’t be able to eat there. I mean, it was an exhibit about food. Of course there was going to be food. 

There wasn’t any food.

It was literally just fries under glass with wire stuck through them, straight up, like fingers. Fries aren’t that interesting to look at. Sure, some have more pepper than others, some are fat, some are skinny, long, short, ect. But, you’ve seen 5 fries, you’ve seen them all. And that’s how this exhibit was. The Romanian (friend I went with) and I were not very happy we trekked all the way down to Nolita in the cold to walk around french fries for 10 minutes. I don’t feel more cultured at all. I didn’t benefit from seeing the fries in any way. Other than the Romanian and I rolling our eyes at each other and laughing about how New York this whole thing was. Did I mention there wasn’t any food?!! 

Next, we headed over to the DUMBO Festival of Lights. When we got off the train, we pushed through hoards of people toward the Manhattan Bridge–where these spectacular lights were supposed to be taking place. When I say hoards, I mean hoards. Like the L train during rush hour amount of people as far as the eye can see. The Romanian and I held hands so we didn’t lose one another. But, unfortunately, the police shut down everything because there were too many people. 

I don't even understand how it is possible to hold a free event on a Saturday in Brooklyn, New York and not plan for 10,000s of people. We didn't get to see anything. The Romanian and I did go to Dewey's Candy on Front Street. I've been trying to go there since before I tried to move here. Every time I'm in DUMBO, it's closed. 

We are planning to reconvene at the MET to see the Cubism event soon. You can't eat paintings and I doubt there will be too many people for them to show the exhibit.