Goodbye, New York

Chihuahuapolooza. Enough said. 
When I moved to New York a year and a half ago, it was the hardest and scariest thing I've ever done. I had a couple of friends spread out across the boroughs, but not close enough to where I lived to see on a regular basis.

It was very lonely and hard at first. I cried a lot and was alone a lot. I'd never lived so far from home and so far from what was familiar. New York is pretty much a different country from Atlanta, I couldn't understand what people were saying half the time for the first few months. People are much more abrasive here and that was quite a difficult adjustment for me.

All of this being said, I now have a full life in New York. I have wonderful friends I plan on keeping for life. Bonding with people here is a different experience than anywhere else. New York City is so hard, sometimes all you can do is laugh or cry with a good friend (or a stranger). I'm sad to leave all of my lovely friends. I'm sad to leave my amazing job and awesome coworkers.

I'm leaving for all of the reasons this article states (which is satire, but pretty damn close to the truth). While I'll miss the city a little, I'll mainly miss the people I met from all walks of life, here to follow their dreams. I'll miss the constant challenge (this will be more of a conceptual missing). I found myself here, a little. I am coming in to my own as a fine artist and I couldn't have done that without this experience.

Good-bye, New York!