Life List: 2015

I’ve been working on this list for several years. It’s nice to go through it in January each year and see what I’ve accomplished. 2014 was awesome and weird and hard. Moving not only to a new city, but to a completely new part of the country where the culture is completely different was amazing. I’ve been in New York for a year and a half now and I’m moving back to Atlanta in a couple of weeks. With the impending wedding and marriage, I’d like to have a savings account. I can’t afford that here. I’m sad and excited for the future. It’s a little heartbreaking to leave the life I built for myself here. I’ve never had to built my life from scratch before, it’s been a lesson of a lifetime. I’ll forever cherish the friendships I’ve made while in New York. 

At this time last year, I made a promise to myself to do some huge art project based off the life list. I made two pieces, hated them and threw them away. However, instead of giving up on it entirely, I painted, sketched and reached out to other artists all year long. I’ve grown so much as an artist in the past 12 months. Now I have an artistic drive and focus I didn’t have before this year. I’m excited to see what comes.

Here it is! Newly abridged:

100 Things To Do Before I Die

  1. Graduate from graduate school
  2. Get a job I don't hate
  3. Procreate
  4. Marry (Soooooon)
  5. Travel to Russia
  6. Travel to Greece
  7. Live in England
  8. Live in New York
  9. Go to a family reunion 
  10. Appreciate myself
  11. Get in really great shape
  12. Hot air balloon ride
  13. Go to the Grand Canyon
  14. Visit San Fransisco
  15. Visit Portland
  16. Visit Seattle
  17. Visit Vancouver
  18. Spend a winter up north 
  19. Have a Roylls
  20. Love thyself
  21. Humble thyself
  22. Let go
  23. Act in a play
  24. Sing in a band
  25. Learn the guitar
  26. Learn the violin
  27. Metalsmithing
  28. Become a Master Knitter (it's a real thing) 
  29. Publish a novel
  30. See aurora borealis
  31. Move out of Atlanta for at least a year
  32. Speak another language fluently
  33. Get an MFA in creative writing
  34. Get paid to sing
  35. Get paid to write (something that I want to write)
  36. Stop smoking 
  37. Accept Average
  38. Be a graphic designer
  39. Let go more quickly
  40. Learn to sew (I have a sewing machine and I’m working on it)
  41. Visit Stonehenge 
  42. Camp out in the haunted graveyard where the Bell Witch haunted
  43. Go to the monastery in Conyers
  44. Go on a cruise
  45. See Machu Picchu 
  46. Use that geocache app and geocache some stuffs
  47. Own a Chanel purse
  48. Take my grandmother's life writings and convert them into one cohesive tale
  49. Know embroidery
  50. Get rid of stuff
  51. Become proficient in HTML and CSS
  52. Host and effectively design my own blog
  53. Do stand up comedy
  54. Become flexible (physically)
  55. Master (is this possible?) meditation
  56. Visit India
  57. Visit Norway
  58. Visit Japan
  59. Go to the Metropolitan Museum
  60. Stop feeling victimized by the past
  61. Get 10 years
  62. Finish my cross stitch
  63. Become a full time artist
  64. Set up boundaries