Back in Atlanta

A sign in East Atlanta Village. Taken by bittermelon.

I've been back in Atlanta for a couple of weeks and it feels great! It's a little weird because it kind of feels as if I never left, but I'm not sure where everything is when I'm driving. I forgot how lovely it is to be surrounded by people I love and people who love me. That's one fantastic thing about my neighborhood. Most of my favorite people are just minutes away.

I expected things to be a little challenging when I got back. I tried to prepare emotionally for feeling like nothing had changed when everything had changed. Unfortunately, there is no way to prepare for that. Coming back to a place and to people after being away for a year and a half takes acclimating and that sucks.  I hate being uncomfortable! Every day is a little bit easier. 

I gave myself a break. I did just move across the country, am planning a wedding, started a new job, bought a car and am driving and am no longer in a long distance relationship. Those things might drive even the sanest person a little crazy.