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I started designing my wedding program last night and it’s way harder than I thought it was going to be. I couldn’t find one I like for a reasonable price online. I did a lot of research and found elements from several different programs that I’m going to Frankenstein together for ours. But, now that I’m choosing the fonts and placing everything and choosing colors…it’s a lot of work. And by work, I mean stress because what if my design isn’t the most amazing program the people at my wedding have ever seen? What if I hate it by the time the wedding gets here? What if this font isn’t the perfect one to go with this other font?! People come to weddings only to judge the programs, right?

I wanted everything to match, the save the dates, the invitations, programs and thank you notes, but tit would be over $1000 dollars for all that and it’s just not worth it. I designed the save the date and still don’t hate it, we bought a pre-designed invitation and now I’m making a program that’s completely different than the other two. The thank you notes are a completely different issue. They’re cute, they just don’t match anything. 

It’s happening, and whether the programs amaze and wow the guests or whether they’re completely, “Meh,” they’re going to end up in the trash. Unless you’re my dad, who needs one to hold on to.