Boyfriend's dream bedroom {source}
Now that Boyfriend and I are married (for two whole weeks!), we’re trying to make our house a home. We packed all of our returns into the car and drove to Crate & Barrel. Once there, we were both uncharacteristically thrilled over such things as tongs, a hand-cranked coffee grinder and a double-sided potato peeler. We carefully perused the bath mats, but figured we might as well wait until Bed, Bath & Beyond where they’re more affordable. 

Bed, Bath and Beyond wasn’t able to offer us the trash can of our (my) dreams, but we found sheets acceptable to both of us; he insisting on jersey sheets and me insisting that I will NOT sleep on jersey because I’m over 21. I don’t care how soft and stretchy they are, that is a firm no. 

Next up, Target. I still didn’t find the amazing trashcan from my registry. Simple Human Butterfly Step Trashcan, one  day you will be mine! We were able to find some affordable chairs and a little table for our porch. After this, I dragged Boyfriend to Home Depot because we HAVE to have some hanging plants to go on the porch. I need to gaze at them from the new chairs. 

I’m telling you all of this because we are now that couple from Old School. Maybe soon we’ll have you over to show you our hanging plants and have you stand on the memory foam bath mat.