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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of a childhood friend. She was my very, very best friend until about high school and we began drifting apart. She came to my wedding a few weekends ago and I was so glad she was there. 

For many years, my mother asked me why I couldn’t be more like {friend}. {Friend} was doing this and it’s so perfect and wonderful and why can’t I do that. {Friend} got into this college and is also doing this other amazing thing and why can’t you be like that. {Friend} is basically perfect, why aren’t you? 

As I watched my perfect friend walk down the aisle and beam at her husband, surrounded by beauty and love, I realized that {friend}’s life is so amazing compared to the struggles I’ve had because she hasn’t had bad things happen to her. Not that that's bad, I’m so thankful she hasn’t had to deal with the struggles and trauma I’ve experienced. But, I’ve done the best I can with what I was given and I’ve made an incredible life for myself considering these hardships. I realized my jealousy and telling myself I’m a piece of shit compared to her is ridiculous. I was able to leave those feelings in the church and beam at {friend} during her reception. I’m so happy she is about to start her future with an awesome guy. I hope she continues to have an amazing life. And I really mean it.