Flower Girl

The last year or so, I’ve been painting a lot of animals & drawing a lot of animals. Absolutely no people. In January 2014, I decided to give up drawing and painting people forever. I made peace (kind of) with the fact that I can’t draw people, and animals are going to be my thing from now on. I can look at animals as shapes more successfully than I can pictures of people.

Well, ya’ll, I was wrong. While perusing Pinterest for work inspiration, I came across an image of a girl I just had to draw! I drew her and it wasn’t terrible, so I painted her. I’m pretty pleased with her. I felt like my usual geometrics weren’t going to work on this delicate girl, so I scoured Pinterest (again; I love that site) for something a little more delicate. I think the flowers are perfect for her. 

I’m truly pleased with this painting. I’m proud of how far my ability and work have come in the past year. Although I have a lot to learn (I don’t think it ever ends), I’m excited as to where my art is headed!