We moved to Denver!

Hubs and I moved to Denver last week! So far, we love it here! It's so beautiful.

In order to get here, we drove across the country, from North Carolina to Colorado. With four pets in the car. Figuring out how to deal with the cats was quite an adventure in itself. We drugged them, and the puppy.

Seeing the country was amazing. The first night, we made it all the way to St. Louis. I'd never been and was very excited to see the Arch and the beauty of the houses and the streets. We put pee pads in the cat carriers but one of the cats, Turtle, went the bathroom in the carrier then rolled all in it. Once we got to the hotel, we had to clean her in the sink. It was quite a task, cleaning an angry cat who'd been in a carrier for 12 hours covered in pee. I'm surprised neither of us lost an arm.

Driving through Kansas was gorgeous. I always assumed Kansas was a flat, dirt, prairie wasteland. I think that the Wizard of Oz was part of that assumption, but it's so beautiful! There are so many wind turbines and trees and rolling hills. Tons of cows. 

After two days of driving across 8 states, we made it to our new house in our new town. After only a week here, I love it. The people are so nice and welcoming and everywhere I look there is beauty. I'm excited to get to better know Denver.