Totally inspired

Hiiii! I've been painting so much lately, it's great! I've been playing with acrylics and watercolor. It's so much fun! I'm completely inspired by other artists and am using my inspiration to translate what I love about others work into my own voice. That's what art is, right?

Since I'm overflowing with inspiring photos, I want to share some of these talented people with you. Each photo is a click through photo, unless otherwise stated.

The amazing colors and free forms of Kindah Khhaliday's work is so much fun. I wish I were as free as she is. Dare to dream.

I love Etta Vee's colors, styling, little shapes–pretty much everything about her work. I use a lot of drips and I want to step out of that and do more brush strokes like this. I try but then get freaked out about controlling everything and start spraying my canvas. Isn't this painting just everything you love about Spring? 'sigh'

Two lovely ladies, Rachel and Georgia, are behind The Colour English. Their use of color, shapes and drips make my heart pitter patter.

Lesley Grainger is one of my new favorites. Her work is organized chaos and I can't get enough. She's also pretty prolific and has new work out constantly. Her use of mixed media materials makes me jealous. I'm working toward this. 

I hope you enjoy a walk through my inspiration. I hope to do more of these, but I always mean to write many most posts than I end up writing. Have a great Monday!