Sewing and painting and napping

Lately, I've been working my butt off painting and embroidering. It's been awesome to feel so driven while making. As an artist, often halfway through something or right after I complete a piece, I hate it. I'm extremely proud of these pieces and at this point, I'm proud to report, I don't hate any of them. 

These are three panels I've been working on for about 2 months (maybe a month, times moves strangely when you're sick at home all the time). I think this whole series are Dreamscapes. They were fun, frustrating and fulfilling to work on. Using a spray bottle and a paper towel, I was able to get the drippy, misty quality to them.

Here is a rough photo of the first jewelry pieces I completed! A few years ago, I made jewelry out of shrinky dinks and bought tonnnnnnnnns of chain and findings. I've now moved them through 4 states and 4 or 5 houses and apartments and am happy to report I'm glad I kept them all. Having the basics and good materials helped get my pieces of floppy fabric into tactile necklaces ready to wear. 

I'm still finishing up the rest of the embroidered jewelry pieces and have painted and cured the fabric for the next round! I'm very excited about where these are going. I wore one out the other day and got a several compliments and have been getting good responses from friends and family. I'm waiting until the first 5 are done before putting any of them up in my etsy shop. It's nice, while feeling like crap, to have something to work toward.